Keeping It Local.

Updated: Jun 21

A continuation to Part 1 of our Shop Local Blog piece, we are back this week highlighting amazing talents and small businesses in and around Lubbock County. We have linked each business to their postcard, so to visit them, just click their photo and on off to treat yourself you go.

The moonshiner of Soda Pop. Hub City Craft Sodas are beyond fantabulous. From Mojito to Root Beer, to Prickly Pear and Coconut, they are perfect any and all times of the year. But especially Summer to quench that thirst whilst you shop. You can always guarantee courteous service and the best tasting refresher in town. Taking their successes from Hub City Craft Sodas, Mano Negra Brewery is set to open in Lubbock within the coming months. We congratulate them on their endeavors and look forward to seeing where they go.

Nick's is a nonprofit organization who hires disabled and special needs youth. This company made me jump for joy when I learned of them as we ourselves have an almost 16y/o with severe special needs but who is desperate to work and serve and experience just as all others wish to do also. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Bruce this year, more so when Nick's was forced to close the second COVID-19 dominated and closures were ordered. Putting the safety of his team first, Nick's closed until late May, where they have once again, opened to serve their delicious shaved ice. When you visit Nick's, you are giving the experience of work and growth to individuals who already struggle in the career field. You are giving them an opportunity that is immeasurable. As well as that, you get the tastiest, juiciest, sweetest shaved ice in town!!

Now I love Sunflowers and that's what caught my eye the second I saw Twists and Bows Crochet Crafts. I have always called them Sunnyflowers and look at her designs!!! Looks sunny and happy to me.

The designs displayed are phenomenal to the art of crochet. From Minnie Mouse Purses to animals and butterfly's, no matter what you choose they are sure to brighten up yours and anyone's day! Little ones would be overjoyed with the selection of food designs from pizza slices, fruits and vegetable, some of which are scented with the most delightful aromas.

When the Tamale Lady introduced themselves, Mitch almost did a back flip. He purchased a plate and dubbed their Tamales, Godzilla Tamales. They're the biggest tamales he has ever seen and to add to that, delicious too. This mother and son team are fun and truly wonderful to get to know, but they are also dominating with their flavors and variance.

Every color of the rainbow in edible form and in one bowl. Move over Skittles. This is the kind of rainbow you want to taste. Not only that, the folks at Bom Brazil have the best personalities to match.

Perfect during these hot temp months and incredibly health.

I have had customers eat our Gumbo, and then race to Bom Brazil for the a tasty of bowl of Açaí, blueberries and cream, then return refreshed, happy and full.

DSR Designs is operated by a wonderful young man, trying to pay his way through College.

I personally love this businesses for three reasons. 1) Head Strong entrepreneurship. 2) A young man on the Autism Spectrum working his way to achieve his dreams.

3) He has THE BEST Sci-Fi/Comic/Disney creations.

From filtered face masks to key chains and T-Shirts, the quality is hands down, the best!

They don't currently have Social Media pages for their business, but you are guaranteed to meet them and find them at the Wolfforth Farmers Market every Saturday from 10am - 2pm.

As soon as Quail Melody was announced to open, I had to try the Cabbage hand pie.

First off, I'm a pastry fiend. I lurve pastry! Secondly. I lurve cabbage.

Cabbage + Hand Pie = Happy Kate.

Golden, flaky and just all around delicious You can't pass up this delicacy.

You are guaranteed to meet such a wonderful lady in Maia and come away with delicious quality and perfect savory bites that will have you craving more.

How does your morning go? Coffee? Cereal? Toast? How about a warm, gooey, deliciously fluffy Cinnamon Roll from Flour + Sugar here in Wolfforth? You know how the frosting and the center is the best part? Flour + Sugar have this down to an art. I had to race home and put my kettle on for a cup of tea, just so I could savor and enjoy the first sweet I had that day. After purchasing my single rolls, I looked across to see Orange glazed Cinnamon Rolls and boy did I kick myself. Next weekends plan is simple. One of each over my tea and a couple dozen for Mahaya's Sweet 16th Birthday.

From hand crafted wooden flags to interior decor, Mikes Custom Woodwork speaks for itself.

Need a Cornhole game for your family or next event? Mike can set you up.

Anything you need, Mike is all ears to help. His builds are sturdy and definitely make a statement!

We ourselves looking to working with Mike for our future project endeavors.

Artisan soaps, not to be fooled for edible delicacies, are just what Sassy Gifts specialize in, as well as their hand crafted, one of a kind greeting cards. Their soaps not only smell delicious but are perfect for all skin types. Aesthetically pleasing, these unique cuts of soaps make the perfect gift for any occasion.

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