Small Business Shout Outs

Updated: Jun 21

How do we pack so many goodies into one thread? If you live in Lubbock County, or even visit, these small businesses are right up your alley. There is absolutely something for everyone.

If you're looking for craft sodas, upcoming craft beer, locally grown fruits and vegetables, farm to fork meats, and even sweet treats, here is a list of local small businesses we have tried and fell in love with, that we HIGHLY recommend you visit and try also.

I PROMISE, you won't be disappointed. To go straight to the businesses pages or website, simply click their photo and head on over to treat yourself!!!

When you meet Barri at BW Designs, you will not be in a more kinder presence. Not only is her artisan jewelry a stunning addition to any ensemble, you will surely carry an amazingly unique piece you can don any time, anywhere. Her turquoise collection is my personal favorite and her hand crafted hair bands are our daughters favorites, hands down. But no matter your preference, I can guarantee Miss Barri has something for you! Gentlemen, remember! Any of these gifts will find your significant other swooning over not only your great purchase and gift, but just how versatile these pieces truly are.

You see the logo, you know what's up! All those deliciously smelling wax melts and warmers for any aesthetic. The Conti's are a wonderful husband and wife team with a slew of information on just what you need or want most. They introduced me to Scentsy when I was stubborn to say I'd never turn away from oils and candles. Now I know what all the fuss is about. These products are amazing. So if you need a Scentsy rep hook up (which you do, it's Scentsy!) or if you need that new scent, fresh scent, delicious scent, visit their site or meet them in person. Our daughter is special needs and very sensitive to texture and smell as well as sight and bringing in new things. When she visits them and finds haven in enjoying their products, you know you have a winner!

When you know, you know! Pecan Ridge does not mess around on taste and quality and taste and deliciousness and taste .... Sorry, I'm hung up on their Divinity Logs. Did I photo anything else but the Divinity Logs? I had to be reminded by Mitch to shift my focus and wipe the drool. Not only are they seriously wonderful people who are great fun and a joy to be around, but they offer a wide variety of Pecan products you just can't beat.

As a UK Lass, raised by people who trudged the trenches and rebuilt their country, I am accustomed to bow ties, hats and suits. I love exploring the designs and colors and evolution of how dress has changed over the decades. If bow ties are your thing, the quality and designs displayed by Rebellious Bowties are exceptional. I was struggling with a Fathers Day gift for Mitch and this is hands down, the most unique gift I know will be enjoyed and utilized. Stay Tuned .... Mitch is now their new model - self appointed of course.

Have you had Munchies breads and sweets? If that's a no, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Delicious morsels of Cinnamon Rolls and Lemon Bars. Hearty breads that pair perfectly with soups or toasted with marmalade or garlic butter. Munchies always has an amazing display of deliciousness.

Munchies definitely lives up to its name. Munchies galore that will have you craving more!!

Riley's, Riley's, Riley's. We met this wonderful family the week after we ourselves opened up and it has been a religious experience to say the least. Yes, I went that far. Their Bronzies are a huge satisfaction every Saturday evening with my cup of tea. Their menu definitely brings me back to my childhood which is why I can't recommend them enough. Fun, delicious and just down right perfect for every afternoon treat.

Artisan Candles and Soaps you will just love. I have 3 teenage girls who swear by Sandy's soaps and one who uses her candles that smell incredible. All soy based, you don't have to worry about harsh wick smells or even smoky flames. They maintain their scents right up to the end when you go back to Sandy and buy another and another and another because they're all just so incredibly good.

From Patchouli, to Berry's to all floral notes, I can guarantee you will find a scent you fall in love with.

So here's the deal with Tierras Planas. He picks on me. A lot.

I drink hot tea. You drink cold tea. We hiked taxes. You dumped tea in the harbor. I get it.

I'm just playing 😄 We love Kerry and Chyrel at Tierras Planas and though I myself am not a coffee drinker, Kerry has turned even Mitch from Folgers to their Papua New Guinea roast. This husband of mine has been a Folgers drinker for decades. Even overseas, he sought out Folgers imports, never touching another brand if he could help it. Our teenagers were sold on Folgers also for their morning pick me up; now enjoy the Mexico Chiapas blend. You will not meet a more informative and passionate couple who will make you a believer of their brand over store bought. It is absolutely worth the visit. And though I don't drink coffee myself, I will add testimony to this. Kerry got me drinking and enjoying (don't tell the Queen) iced tea. Not any iced tea. Green tea. I would surely be scorned by my kin for such a heathenous act, but in my defense, it was delicious.

Fluffy, soft, delicious pillows of dough, all baked to perfection. Glory has got this bread making down to an art. I first met Glory when we ourselves ran out of sliders for our menu and she had a couple bags left we used for our Lagniappe. We told our customers that if they like the bun, Miss Glory can absolutely fix them up. And with two buns left over at the end of the day, we ourselves thoroughly enjoyed them with some of our brisket the following morning with eggs.

From Cookies to Brownies and Focaccia, as well as loafs and rolls, the deliciousness doesn't stop with Gloryland.

I should let my daughter Emalia, Wyatts best friend, type this Blog piece. She has taken to helping Wyatt and has fallen in love with learning the ins and outs of how the market and small businesses operate. She has expressed great pride in Wyatts baking and how he is evolving and shaping his business.

We can attest his breads are crazy good. From Banana Bread to Pecan Bread and now his new Banana Chocolate Chip bread. They sell fast with repeat customers coming back for more. What's not to be thrilled about. For a 14y/o, his feats are remarkable.

Sassy and Classy with all things flashy. Each hand crafted product smells unique to itself. These products absolutely turn heads. Mitch has found his second home with his "Doc Holliday Mustache".

There is something for everyone here. The owners were wonderfully informative and provided a little education on why my poor sensitive skin feels destroyed after using certain scrubbers. Can those perfumes come any more sassier, I love it! Check out their website by clicking the photo above. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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