What a wonderful and eventful month July has been. Starting off with now having a 16 Year Old. What makes this all the remarkable for Mitch and I is remembering all we endured from pregnancy to birth and all these years after, to see Mahaya thrive and flourish into the amazing and beautiful young lady she is.

She is our first child and first daughter. And it was by far easy to get her here.

We encountered problem after problem after problem, scare after scare, from the 3rd month until her delivery, 6 weeks early. And even then, she flatlined three times.

Medical staff said she wouldn't see that evening. Then it was the following week. Then a month, a year. She won't see 3, then 5, 10 then 16! Her seizures began at 1-week of age and since then, she has been diagnosed with permanent brain damage due to being hypoxic at birth, and a host of other delays and disabilities.

Did it stop this girl? SHOOT NO!

She's been kicking butt and taking names since day 1. Nothing stops Mahaya or slows her down. Not a seizure, nor shock, nor disabilities or broken bones.

And nothing is slowing her down. Mahaya works with us every Saturday when we open at the Farmers Market. Guests and Customers will hear her tell holler, "It's Looosiana style!" That's her motto. She greets everyone she knows and sees and makes a huge point of visiting all she can each weekend.

Mahaya's 16th Birthday was celebrated at the market with our customers, guests and fellow business friends. They each made her feel astronomically loved. We put together a free tray of mini muffins any and all could enjoy. Mahaya bought bubbles and suckers for all the kids and she gave a 5 star interview to the very wonderful, KLBK - Everything Lubbock.

We can not thank everyone enough for being amazingly patient with us during what became a very difficult time. For showing tremendous support and love, as well as friendship and kindness. These memories, and our gratitude will last a lifetime.

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