It's Happening

Updated: May 27

I say in my best Michael Scott impression.

There should be an About Us post in here somewhere. However!

Manic Monday trickled down to every other day of the week and lo and behold, here we are January 2020.

Can I be the first to say .. WHAT???? When did this happen?

In the spirit of keeping my posts light and short, I'm Kate. My husband Mitch and I have been married (takes deep breath when I realize we're no longer in single digits …) 17 years!!

We have 4 teens and tweens and several animals in between.

It's been 10 years since Mitch and I first sat down and discussed the idea of opening our own Smokehouse.

We travelled. A lot! And being overseas we found very quickly we just couldn't find the flavor and seasonings we are used to.

This is where we began.

Mitch spent a year breaking down and developing what are now our Signature Seasonings and Sauces. We then spent an additional 3 years tweaking and experimenting with recipes, dishes and sides to see what sauce fits best with what. And here we are!

We returned home to Texas (You'll find when you meet me, I do not sound like I am from Texas, however, Texas has been home for 18 years and I can't imagine being anywhere else). We are digging our roots in the sand of our new home and this is where we intend to grow. We have opted to start small at the Wolfforth Farmers Market serving our delicious slow smoked Pulled Beef Sandwiches, juicy smoked Corn on the Cob. Our Original drool worthy Fais-Do-Do Chili. My specialty Maque Choux and so much more.

So what is Miss Kates Place? Why is there a subsection on Moore Cajun Smokehouse's website?

Simply put, when we build our Smokehouse, Miss Kates Place will be the little corner store inside the Smokehouse where you can purchase desserts to go and our seasonings and sauces.

Miss Kates Place online has recipes, the latest news and information and updates to where we will be and what we are doing.




10am to 2pm

Licensed, Certified and Registered Caterer within the State of Texas 2020