Summer Sweet, Fresh Peach preserves, mixed to make the most delectable Peach Cobbler in Muffin form. A light mix of Cinnamon and spices, with a buttery, flavor packed crumble on top. 

My Apple Pie Muffins are a soft Spice Cake filled with a decadent handmade Apple Compote. Topped with a light Maple Spice buttercream drizzle.

Juicy and delicious cuts of Maraschino Cherries baked into my milk sponge cake, forms a dense sweet cake both flavorsome and filling.


Our muffins and desserts are made with wheat and dairy, plus sugar. For any dietary concerns, please query Kate either in person on Saturday at Market or via email, and social media. 

Licensed, Certified and Registered Caterer within the State of Texas 2020